Code Together is an interview series that explores challenges at the forefront of cross-architecture development, sponsored by Intel. We’ll talk with those across the industry who are forging a path on this often treacherous journey through an increasingly diverse, data-centric world. Join the conversation.

Jeff Hammond
Ronan Keryell
Principal Engineer, Intel
Principal Software Engineer, Xilinx

Ronan Keryell and Jeff Hammond explain why open collaboration — modeled through open source and open standards — is key to solving some of today’s biggest challenges in research and industry, revealing some of the misconceptions, or least understood aspects, along the way. Then they explore the value of open languages and programming models, diving into ISO C++, Khronos Group SYCL, the amazing SYCL community, and what excites them most about the SYCL 2020 Provisional Specification.

AI Solutions Engineer, Intel
CEO and Co-Founder, Anaconda

Peter Wang explains the series of happy accidents that have led to organic adoption of Python as the number one language among developers in data science and machine learning in this episode of Code Together. He and David Liu talk about the latest advancements in hardware and software and how to make them more accessible to developers, as well as how to bridge the multiple layers of abstraction. They also explore collaboration on building a low-power, high-performance data science stack, democratization of data literacy, and the future of Python in this action-packed discussion between two data science experts.

Julia Sukharina
Mehdi Goli
Senior Engineering Manager, Intel
Principal Software Engineer, Codeplay Software

Existing math kernel libraries have lacked portability across heterogeneous platforms—until now. A unifying programming model—and availability of standard library interfaces—enables development of performance-portable libraries among diverse hardware architectures. In this episode, we talk about a collaborative project to make this portability possible, and dive into Mehdi’s work to enable the first math library implementation for oneAPI on Nvidia GPUs.

Geoff Lowney
Andrew Richards
Senior Fellow, Intel
CEO, Codeplay Software

Geoff and Andrew discuss the value of standards in enabling hardware and software developers to collaborate and innovate. From the early days of video games to modern AI, Andrew weaves an unexpected yet common thread between these, and explore how oneAPI builds on this foundation. Andrew talks about Codeplay’s contributions to oneAPI, focused on enabling development on Nvidia GPUs, while Geoff shares his vision of enabling broad data parallelism and portability across platforms, to provide a glimpse into what’s next for oneAPI.

Alice Chang
Hal Finkel
Vice President and General Manager of Compiler Engineering, Intel
Lead for Compiler Technology and Programming Languages, Argonne National Lab

In this episode of Code Together, we talk about how the industry is uniting to address the need for programming portability and performance across diverse architectures- particularly important with the rise of data-intensive workloads like AI and machine learning. We discuss the shift to modern C++ programming models and how the cross-industry oneAPI initiative and DPC++, bring much-needed portable performance to developers.