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oneAPI in the News

SYCL™ 2020 Specification

SYCL is an open industry standard for programming a heterogeneous system. The design of SYCL allows standard C++ source code to be written such that it can run on either an heterogeneous device or on the host.

Optimizing DLRM by Using PyTorch with oneCCL Backend

The modern deep learning models are growing at an exponential rate, and those latest models could grow their parameters from million to billions. To train those modern models within hours, distributed training is a better option for those big models.

Intel Embree Wins Academy Award

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded a Scientific and Technical Achievement award to Intel’s Embree ray tracing library, in recognition of its role as a contributing innovation in the moviemaking process.

Accelerate PyTorch with IPEX and oneDNN Using Intel BF16 Technology

Intel and Facebook previously collaborated to enable BF16, a first-class data type in PyTorch. It supports basic math and tensor operations and adds CPU optimization with multi-threading, vectorization, and neural network kernels from oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN, formerly known as MKL-DNN).

Intel oneAPI Developer Tools — Introduction and Install

Intel oneAPI is a massive collection of very high quality developer tools, and, it’s free to use! OneAPI is Intel’s new developer ecosystem. This is something that Intel has been working on for a few years and it went “gold” with release 1.0 at the end of 2020.

CERN Uses DLBoost, oneAPI To Juice Inference Without Accuracy Loss

Investigations, conducted together with scientists at CERN, show promising results – with breakthrough performance – in their pursuit of faster Monte Carlo based simulations, which are an important part of many scientific, engineering, and financial applications.


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